Does My Ex Still Love Me? 3 Sure Signs of Hidden Feelings

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Published: 27th January 2011
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If you are wondering "does my ex still loves me?" then you should be looking for some important signs . Even though your ex may feel that the break up is a better option, their emotional attachment may be strong .

Sign 1: They Seem to Always Look at You

For some reason, does your ex seems to always look at you when you are in a same room ? A glance or two could be accidental, but more than that and they could be watching you . If your ex wants to see what you're doing, it could be because their feelings have not faded for you .

Sign 2: Your Ex Remains to be a Friend

If your ex seems to stay anchored in your life, it could be a sign of something more . Is your ex always there in times of need ? This could be more than a friendly gesture, especially if the break up is relatively recent .

Sign 3: There Is Still Physical Contact

Most exes try to avoid having any physical contact after a break up because they don't want to send the wrong message . When your ex appears to be a lot more physical, giving you constant pats, hugs, or brushes your arm or any part of your body, then they could mean something . If this doesn't sit well with you, then you should bring it to your ex's attention .

Many people who ask "does my ex still love me?" are often missing some important signs . Even if you notice these signs, make sure you have given plenty of thought to a reunion . Having feelings for one another doesn't necessarily mean you are a good match . If you feel that you are a good pair that can work, then consider talking to your ex about a second try .

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